What on Earth Happened to the Old Europeans? Pre-Indo-European History of Europe

مشاهده بدون فیلتر شکن (دیدئو)

مشاهده بصورت مستقیم (یوتیوب)

تعداد لایک های ویدئو : 19437
تعداد دیسلایک های ویدئو : 1790
تعداد مشاهده ویدئو : 1359800
منتشر شده توسط کانال : Masaman


What happened to the Old European? Meaning the original people groups of Europe that inhabited the landmass before the arrival of the Indo-Europeans, a group which would later evolve into the vast majority of European nations we see today, from the Russians, Italians, Irish, Norwegians and Greeks.

Although precious little is known, there are clues left behind in the archaeology, genetics, linguistics and historical texts that have been passed down through the generations, which gives us a somewhat fuzzy picture of pre-historic Europe. Be sure to let me know your thoughts on the pre-Indo-European Europeans and let me know which culture you think is the most interesting. Thanks for watching!



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