Nazrul and Apple from Crossover – Amar Desh

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مشاهده بصورت مستقیم (یوتیوب)

در صورتی که ویدیو مورد نظر با دیدئو پخش نشد شما میتوانید با استفاده از پخش کننده اصلی یوتیوب آن را مشاهده نمایید. (پلیر اصلی یوتیوب در سمت راست این متن قرار گرفته است.)


Nazrul Babu together with Apple Mahmood wrote a song about Bangladesh; about the people and about the country. It is a positive song in which the beautifull aspects of the country are highlighted; the talent available, the enthousiasm among the people, the beauty of the villages and the hospitality of the people. “I want to show the world what a nice country we live in. I think we do not appreciate that enough. Most of the time people get stuck in seeing the negative aspects, but that is not what we should focuss on! We have so much to give, so much culture and heritage. We should be proud about our beautifull country and work united to make it even nicer”, says Nazrul.

“I always wanted to make music, and although I am doing bachelors in Accounting from the National University in Dhaka, my real passion is in music.”, says Nazrul who always carries a guitar with him. “Once I was a small boy I was fascinated about music, instruments, songs and lyrics. There was barely enough money to put me through school, so was certainly no extra money to give me music lessons, so most of it I teached myself, learning from the big players in Bangladesh. My passion is singing and playing guitar”.

“A few years ago we formed a band with a couple of guys; called Crossover. We used to rent every week a small practise area in old dhaka where we could play without waking up the neighbors, smiles Nazrul. “Most of the songs were so called “cover songs”, copies of the famous and popular local songs. We got a bit of popularity in Dhaka and Gazipur, and whenever there was a special party, people invite us to play. For us nice to perform for a real audience and a good way to practise in real and of course earn a bit of pocket money, because we are all still students”

Two years ago they were invited to host the annual outing of an international company in Dhaka. The manager is from the Netherlands, and we became good friends. He introduced us to some more people from his country, and slowly we understood that most of the foreigners here in Dhaka also want to focuss on the positive sides of our country. We had something in common, and all of them instantly liked our song; the melody, the rythm, but above all; the text. When a Dutch camereteam was in Dhaka, they taped our song and broadcasted it in the Netherlands.

“But its not just some words, its really a feeling: I love our country. The people are amazing, their strenght is praiseworthy and the landscape is astonishing. More people within Bangladesh should realise and see this”, claims Nazrul when he starts playing the tune of his self composed and most favourite song: Aamar Desh.

Nazrul is working on his website, but for the moment a few of his videoclips are on Youtube, and on the Facebook page of Nazrul Babu

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